How to give your bathroom a deep clean treatment it deserves?

Charles Gerba; professor of microbiology from the University of Arizona conducted a general study on household bacteria and concluded bathroom as the nastiest of all. More than 80 percent germs that accumulate the house breed in the bathroom which is why keeping it clean is most important. Here we bring some awesome deep clean tips and tricks to sanitise the toilet for good.

Shower corner

Let’s start from the top! Pour sufficient amount of white vinegar in a plastic bag. Make sure it’s enough to drench the showerhead nozzle entirely and leave it overnight. Take it out in the morning and rinse with hot water.

Machine wash the shower curtains and liners with a regular detergent. You can dump a few old towels during the spin cycle which acts as scrubbers and would take away soap scum and mildew. Allow them to dry in sunlight and natural air; don’t use a hairdryer!

Coming to shower doors, add a few drops of distilled white vinegar to baking soda and work up a paste. Apply directly to the doors; let it sit for at least an hour before you rub with a fresh and dry microfiber cloth.

The bathtub is less of a hassle as only a weekly scrub is enough to keep it squeaky clean. But if you want extra shine, fill it with hot water; pour liquid cleaner or powdered detergent, leave for 15 minutes at least and drain. You can scrub the tub with a good toilet cleaner and wash with hot water for best results.

Note: Neglected shower can accumulate Mycobacterium Avium; a pathogen that shoots germs directly into your lungs causing pulmonary diseases. Once you’re done washing the shower corner, allow proper ventilation by leaving the door and windows open for an hour.


Dip grout brush directly in bleach and scrub the discoloured and stained areas followed by a thorough rinse with hot water. Leave the doors and windows open for proper ventilation. Grout is likely a breeding ground for bacteria and rather a porous spot. Experts’ advice to seal the grout after every six months to prevent grime and moisture infiltration!

Hard surface

This includes tile, ceiling, bathroom walls and counter at the sink. Spray industrial-grade all-purpose cleaner, turn on a hot shower and allow the steam to build for about five minutes least. Turn off the water, close the door and let the steam linger for more or less 20 minutes. Now, take a clean cloth; can be microfiber, to wipe the surface and a mop that reaches higher spots. Continue wiping the tile floor as soon as you’re finished with the rest.

Note: Soap, dirt and dead skin cells leave behind a microscopic film which needs to be cleaned. Apply car wax once a year on ceramic tiles to minimise the water marks whereas anti-mildew paints may also come in handy.


Toilet, sink, ventilation units and bathroom towels must be washed as a part of deep clean treatment. The above are some basics of bathroom cleaning which you should be habitual


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