39 Impressive Glow-In-The-Dark Paintings By Cathrin Machin

This artist’s story is just as inspiring as her paintings. Meet Cathrin Machin—a woman who quit her stressful desk job almost 5 years ago to finally live out her dream. And guess what? Now she’s doing what she loves full-time and couldn’t be happier about the choices she made.

“Before I started this, I thought [these] paintings would be impossible for my skill level,” Cathrin writes on her Instagram. “Honestly, I had no clue how to make it work and I have to be honest, I was so happy and shocked when it worked out. I guess it made me realize that we’re all going though life giving 30%, not realizing we have 70% of hidden potential.”

Scroll down below to admire her beautiful glow-in-the-dark oil paintings and vote for the ones you liked the most!

More info: Instagram | Reddit#1 

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beja flor4 hours ago



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Mary2 hours ago

Anyone else sees a curled up snake here?0Reply#4 

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beja flor4 hours ago



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Mary2 hours ago

Love the depth of this one!0Reply#14 

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Scagsy8 hours ago

These are amazing1Reply#39 

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Swagata Sengupta2 hours ago

awesome .it feels like a space or cosmos . wonderful . keep it up . i would suggest to produce something more creative like image of popular figures,objects or animals emerging out of darkness with those glow . what about creating michael jackson ? the greatest star in the galaxy of music ,he outshines others .0Reply

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