20 Unusual Modern Table Designs

Tables are usually used for very practical purposes, but we want to show you some of the most creative and stylish examples which would definitely spice up your place!

So check out these 20 modern table designs, and later tell us – which one would you like to have at your home?

1. Wallnut And Grass

Designer Emily Wettstein uses reclaimed walnut and steel to craft each piece, and to make matters even cooler she incorporates a removable planter right into the center that can be filled with your choice of greenery.(link)

2. Rubik’s Cube Table

The Rubik’s Cube table is inspired by the classic toy we all grew up with…and still have today! Makes a great end table, or put two together as a coffee table. (link)

3. The Watch Table

Watch Table by Lee J. Rowland is  a table in the shape of a wrist watch that actually functions. The table can switch between a Clock time mode that tells the time, or Message mode that displays text, with a maximum of 8 letters. (link)

4. Snowflake Tables

Beautiful snowflake shaped tables,Each and every table is unique. Literally. According to its manufacturers, Snowflakes is the world’s first furniture to be both mass produced and one-of-a-kind. The Corian tabletops are cut using a computer program that changes the pattern within set parameters for each table made. (Designer: Claesson Koivisto Rune for Offecct)

5. Tongue Table

Unique coffee table design inspired by the shape of tongue. (Designer: Louis Durot)

6. LED Coffee Table

The LEDs are only activated when they see movement. Undisturbed, they calm to a fluid and attractive twinkling (link)

7.  Stink Tree

Where there once was a tree, there is now a coffee table.. take that nature! Paying homage to or simply mocking nature’s grandeur, the “Stink Tree” coffee table by Dylan Gold is a beautifully crafted furnishing inspired by the silhouette of the Tree-of-heaven, also known as ailanthus, Chinese sumac, stinking shumac or simply, the “Stink Tree.” (Designer: Dylan Gold)

8. Endless Table

The Endless Nile table is inspired by the slow and perpetual flow of the Nile river. This new design, while inspired by the past, deconstructs conventional table and seating concepts to recombine them in an original and contemporary solution.(Designer: Amr Helmy Designs)

9. Aborism

A small table made in powder-painted metal, which overturns the concept of the artefact: in the legs, generated by the same geometry which regulates nature, the “frattali”, and in the surface printed with small falling leafs. Like an object left in the influence of nature changing its aesthetics. (link)

10. Slicebox

A square coffee table is divided by random cuts. These differ from timber tabletop and base, separated by uprights. The subdivided pieces serve as side tables of different shapes and dimensions (Designer: voonwong & bensonsaw)

11. Love Me

Domeau & Pérès designed a table which creates an illusion that it’s melting. (link)

12. Binary Table

By expanding the mathematical principles of the 1960s engineering tool Spirograph  into 3-dimensions, and linking this with a newly developed computer programme and the latest 3D Printing technologies, its now as simple to create a table as it was drawing a spiral in the 1960s (Designer: Cohda Studio)

13. Ripple Table

Using sophisticated 3D milling processes and a variety of materials such as polished aluminum, clear polyester resin and a dash of aerospace engineering, Lee J. Rowland created the Ripple Series, tables that appear to stop time in its rippling tracks. (link)

14. Two Faced Table

Designer Dan McCabe describes his “Two Faced” coffee table as “strikingly modern”. (link)

15. Illusion table

Illusion is a handmade side table of 3 mm acrylic. All Illusion tables are handmade, individual and unique.The design gives the impression of a table cloth on a round table. However, the object uses the structural strength of the folded material to create a magical and surprising experience – an illusion. (Designer: Rafa Garcia)

16. My Crew Tables

My Crew is a table that is meant to be pieced together like panels for every usage imaginable. (Designer: Minus Tio)

17. Domino Table

A concept in motion, the Domino table lends new elegance to a classic exercise in physics and play. (link)

18. Brush Furniture

A few years ago, British designer Jason Taylor created a furniture set made to look like bristle brushes.

19.  Dynamic Table

Chul an Kwak is a young korean designer who aims to inject furniture with dynamic emotion, breaking from the static norms.

20. Preciuos Famine

Designed by Toni Grilo for an exhibition in Paris, the Precious Famine coffee table is made entirely of kitchen utensils.Each 

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