Jsouv – The First Souvenir For The Modern Traveler

Jsouv is a collection of finely crafted souvenirs of extraordinary architectural landmarks from around the world. Using natural materials, minimalistic design and precision machining, Jsouv was created to experience the simple beauty of each architectural wonder in the palm of your hands.

My passion for travel and background in civil engineering inspired me to create architectural souvenirs with clean lines, durable materials, and a style that could complement the decor of a modern home or office space

The Jsouv collection features 15 landmarks from New York, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Dubai, Tokyo, and more.

Working on each souvenir, we have tried to emphasize the most important features of each structure to make the souvenirs as clean as possible.

To accentuate the beauty of form, we use natural materials with pleasant surfaces. Each figure is made by CNC machining from a solid block of aluminum or brass. Many-axis CNC metal processing is an expensive method, but it allowed us to achieve the highest surface quality and create a unique product in small editions.

Each base is created from natural walnut to contrast its noble dark color and texture and highlight the piece itself and has 2D emblem of the city landmark on it.

The pieces are placed on the base by strong neodymium magnets and can easily be removed whenever you like.

We are live on Indiegogo right now.

We are live on Indiegogo right now.1 shares

Konstantin Kolesov

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