34 Funny Comics By Thais Vanderheyden Illustrating What It’s Like To Be Stuck In Quarantine With Her 4 Toddlers

As if taking care of kids wasn’t a tough job already, the quarantine is really pushing the boundaries of every parent’s patience. Having to constantly keep an eye on your child while dealing with phone calls and zoom meetings can really drain you – and now imagine being stuck in quarantine with four, like Belgian illustrator Thais Vanderheyden is.

Ever since the beginning of the quarantine, the mother of four has kept a daily diary of drawings illustrating all of her struggle. “I guess many will recognize scenes from their own life with toddlers and kids…” says the artist.

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#1 Personal Development

#2 Facetime

“It started all in March when our country went to lockdown. I totally freaked out by the thought that schools would be closed for a long time,” says Thais. “For 8 weeks, I have 4 toddlers (Bob, Morris, and twins Pepa and Colette) with a full agenda of deadlines as a writer and illustrator of children’s books. But I’m still alive, my hair looks wild, I took some pounds and must admit I had more then a few goods laughs with my bunch.”

#3 Clean House

#4 Look Look Look Look Look, Mommy

Thais says that she has been drawing at the breakfast table every day since day one of the quarantine. She says that many of the stories actually happened, like the FaceTime incident, while others were just thoughts that crossed her mind. “I posted them on my Instagram and got like tons of messages of working moms and dads who recognized themselves in the drawings,” said Thais. “So I kept going. I hope you enjoy it too!”

See more of the artist’s illustrations below!

#5 Gardening

#6 Princess

#7 Mom Mom Mom

#8 Steve

#9 Mommy

#10 Best Day Ever

#11 Any Gossip?

#12 School

#13 Big Bum

#14 Shopping

#15 Shopping

#16 Board Games

#17 Stinky

#18 Hiding

#19 Chocolate

#20 Actually, Mom

#21 Regularity

#22 Ambulance

#23 Facetime With Granny

#24 Names

#25 Look, Mommy

#26 Holiday Budget

#27 Homework

#28 Variety

#29 Houseparty

#30 Mommy Can’t Handle It

#31 I Want A Cookie

#32 Cleaning

#33 Cookie

#34 Homework


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