This Artist Draws Male Superheroes In A Classic Pin-Up Style (10 Pics)

Most of you have probably seen posters of pin-up girls that were incredibly in the mid-20th century before. Well, Portland-based artist David Talaski-Brown decided to do a different take on classic pin-up style posters by recreating a handful of superheroes in the same style.

In an interview with Bored Panda, David said he started working on his superhero series around 2 years ago. “I was going to table at my first convention and I felt like I had nothing to sell that people would want to buy,” said the artist. “I had an idea of illustrating popular male superheroes in the pinup classic style akin to Elvgren and Vargas.”

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#1 Aquaman

Image source: davidtalaskidraws

#2 Iron Man

Image source: davidtalaskidraws

David says that what makes pin-up appealing for him is that it walks the line between erotica and comedy. “It’s sexy enough to make you blush and ridiculous enough to not take it seriously. Basically, erotica you can hang on your walls and still have mom over,” jokes the artist.

#3 Thor

Image source: davidtalaskidraws

#4 Loki

Image source: davidtalaskidraws

The artist saw the project as a great opportunity to create art for nerds that are attracted to men. He said that there’s always loads of art depicting scantily clad women at comic conventions so he figured he’d give MCU’s “hottest hunks” the same treatment.

#5 Captain America

Image source: davidtalaskidraws

#6 Bucky Barnes

Image source: davidtalaskidraws

He started by recreating some of the more popular superheroes like Thor and Captain America, and soon started creating ones people requested, like Loki and Bucky Barnes. “I most recently stepped out of the MCU and took on Momoa’s Aquaman because how couldn’t I? I mean, look at him,” said the artist. He also added that he has ideas for more Marvel and DC universe superheroes in the future.

#7 Doctor Strange

Image source: davidtalaskidraws

#8 Black Panther

Image source: davidtalaskidraws

#9 Star Lord

Image source: davidtalaskidraws

#10 Green Lantern

Image source: davidtalaskidraws2.0K shares

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