20 People Who Came Up With Incredible Face Mask Designs

With there being a shortage of face masks in almost every country, people are resorting to making them themselves. And while some people’s attempts came out looking a little, er, questionable, others managed to come up with incredible designs that might make you a little jealous.

People are sharing their most creative DIY face masks designs, proving that they can be just as stylish as any other accessory. Studs, crystals, facehuggers and more – check out the most incredible face mask designs people came up with in the gallery below!


Image source:  TheElusiveEnchilada

“No Mask? No Problem

A guy who used to work in the movie FX industry made himself a mask for the pandemic. I think it looks awesome.”


Image source: Kartana


Image source: Allison_Dupont


Image source:  Nyuriena


Comes with a ventilator.


Image source: Ashley Lawrence

21 Y.O. Student makes face masks for the deaf and hard of hearing



Image source: jesusmaryannejoseph


Image source: reddit.com

South Korean solution to drink while wearing masks.


Image source: samo_hagras


Image source: sa_group021


Image source: kennedy_gasper


Image source: Cristina Rodo


Image source: 28 days ago

“Sf, Ca artist creates realistic-looking custom respirator masks that unlocks Iphones”


Image source: reddit.com

“Finished up my custom respirator today.”


Image source: emilyrohm


Image source: katebroidery


Image source: annetdominiqueko


Image source: EARTH_96283


Image source: plague_chic

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