Owners Share Hilarious Pic Of Their “Missing” Cat That They Couldn’t Find Anywhere

If you think you’ve started going crazy during the quarantine, just look at this cat which embodies everything we feel for 2020 so far. “Hang in there,” fellow quarantineers!

Reddit user u/Rick1771 went to r/pics to share how after noticing his cat, Biter, had disappeared, he looked out the window and saw this unusual image of a cat hanging (or doing pull-ups?) on a tree. In just 3 days, this photo has collected 115k upvotes.

In light of current events, most pets are delighted about their loving owners being at home at all times to cuddle and feed them, but this cat seems fed up with this whole social distancing

thing and decided to spend some time alone in a pretty dramatic way. The incident didn’t end in a cat-astrophe, as her owner explained: “She fell (very elegantly) right after this, but don’t worry—she’s completely fine!” However, it definitely won the internet.

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Image credits: Rick1771

Rick posted a photo of his cat to show she’s fine and still rocking her 9 lives. Biter doesn’t seem too happy about being back, though

Image credits: Rick1771

Here’s how Redditors reacted to the viral image in the comments:

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