Celebrities Have Never Been More Annoying: People Are Roasting Their Quarantine Content With Memes (27 Pics)

Nobody said the quarantine would be easy. But you surely didn’t expect it to be this hard. Just take a look at our previous compilation of average Joes having a heck of a lockdown, from a canceled b-day bash to the cat using up their precious toilet roll inventory. Cat logic is among few things that aren’t cancelled these days.

Unless you belong to the gang of the rich and famous. While you’re slowly hibernating, A-listers are climbing the walls in their million-dollar mansions like there’s no tomorrow. But the internet loves fair game. The result is Bored Panda’s list of the most hilarious housebound celebrity memes. Enjoy and don’t forget to upvote your favorites! More funny roasts are welcome in the comments.




katz up! 1 day agoSarcasm at its finest..

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Just like the rest of us, celebrities are not perfect, and, just like the rest of us, they share a lot of their lives online. The difference is that no one will probably create a meme to make fun of us. Whew.

The good thing is that for every bored celebrity, uploading their heartfelt and/or hilarious home-alone video during the lockdown, there’s another star helping the world to fight against the coronavirus.

For example, Angelina Jolie has donated $1m to fight child hunger during the outbreak of COVID-19. She has given the cash to No Kid Hungry, which will provide meals for children from low-income families across the United States while schools are closed.



hrmoroz Report

Hermione Granger 1 day agoI mean…… he’s not wrong.

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“As of this week, over a billion children are out of school worldwide because of closures linked to coronavirus,” Jolie said. “Many children depend on the care and nutrition they receive during school hours, including nearly 22 million children in America who rely on food support. No Kid Hungry is making resolute efforts to reach as many of those children as possible.”



WilvanderHeijden 19 hours agoYes, because singing “Imagine” to people that are struggling in a pandemic is helping them more than to donate a part of your wealth. Plus your accountant can probably make a tax-deduction from your “pro bono” appearance.

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Another good example is Rihanna. Her Clara Lionel Foundation (CLF) has donated $5m to various organizations both in the US and around the world. The money will go towards food banks in America, frontline health workers, research to develop a vaccine, and work to speed up testing and care in countries such as Haiti and Malawi.



carlyaquilino Report

WilvanderHeijden 19 hours agoBut, but, but the president said that everyone could get tested if they wanted to. You’re not going to tell me he was fibbing? Not the esteemed leader? Not the guy that knows more about the Carona flu and China virus than all doctors in the world?

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Roger Federer and his wife Mirka say they have donated 1 million Swiss francs ($1.04m) “for the most vulnerable families” in Switzerland. “These are challenging times for everyone and nobody should be left behind,” the tennis star said.

Many other a-listers, including Lady Gaga, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Gwyneth Paltrow, are also making a difference. Let’s hope more will follow in their footsteps and we won’t be seeing them in memes like these very often. In the meantime, enjoy scrolling.


Celebrities Telling Everyone To Stay Home..also Celebrities Homes.

StayOffMyLawn75 Report

Jim Kang 1 day agoWheres the helicopter?

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JeffC 1 day agoThat violin is WAAAAAAY too big!!!!! lol

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Imagine There's No Heaven

notpreposterous Report

Kelly 19 hours agoGood boy! Not all celebrieties show how much they’re giving, though.

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Old Queen Lady Immortal Haha

busoshoku_brisingr Report

Tiny Dynamine 18 hours agoImagine if she dies during this and her funeral is just a few people standing spread out.

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Boohoo My Island Mansion Too Smol

MrCommentyCommenter Report

WilvanderHeijden 19 hours agoRich people: “You mortals don’t understand what it is to sit in a 60 room mansion with a gym, tennis court and private olympic pool but no personal trainer because of Corona.”

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My Job Here Is Done

odairannies Report

Hannah Boning 20 hours agoWhy are they singing imagine? Imagine what????

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Celebrities Singing


StardustRain08 22 hours agoI love this movie!! Also very true

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Let Me Press F On The Worlds Smallest Keyboard

ItsYaBoiBiggie65 Report

Hermione Granger 1 day agoTake out the first part, just dont give a crap.

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These Celebrities Are Getting Insufferable

CFCZee Report

Hermione Granger 1 day agoLol, more like 10 and a summer or two.

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Only If

Hector_Lowe Report


Hardest Thing



I Couldn't Resist

DrJenGunter Report


Normal People vs. Celebrities


Hermione Granger 1 day agoOr: Introverts and Extroverts

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ashleyippolito Report

WilvanderHeijden 19 hours agoDoes the word ‘Schadenfreude” ring a bell?

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Anne Frank


SilverFoX 21 hours agoTrue true

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Worlds Smallest Violin

reddit.com Report

JeffC 1 day agoThis violin is also WAAAAAAAY too big lol


DarihanaNova Report

StardustRain08 22 hours agoSame kid. Same


shook_not Report

Hermione Granger 1 day agoIf I had a house like that, I would love quarantine

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Draw 25


Kelly Horrigan 20 hours agothey just seem to think they are so important. Seriously, there are more people NOT following them on social media

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dIarrr__ Report

Peter Dylan 22 hours agoi would never leave and have everything delivered!

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Thank You So Much

Daguy223 Report

Eva Verde 1 day agoWhite? What does it have to do with anything?

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DaveOshry Report

Pamela24 1 day agoI hope this tweet is not trying to shame Arnold Schwarzenneger for this. Because I honestly believe that his donkey and a pet horse (while they also represent how much money he has) have brought many smiles to peoples faces.

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