The Alien Maternity Photoshoot Xenomorph Turns One

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In October 2018, our family went viral when my wife gave birth to a bloody xenomorph chestburster in a local pumpkin patch. You may have even seen the story first here on Bored Panda. One year later, it was time for the little xenomorph toddler’s first Burst Day!

It was so hard to believe that one whole year had gone by since our little guy burst through Nicole’s abdomen and into our hearts. Raising a xenomorph hasn’t always been an easy go. From the US government initially forcing us to pretend that this was a Halloween joke, to the 3-month family quarantine, to having a simple nose bleed burn a hole through the nursery floor and living room ceiling, we have been continuously challenged. Perhaps in space, no one can hear him scream but right here in our home, we DEFINITELY can. And please never even casually bring up the triggering subject of breastfeeding around Nicole.

However, we wouldn’t change a thing about our parenting story. What would life be like without watching Burston adapt to life on Earth in so many cute moments or without receiving his amazing face hugs daily? A few weeks after Burston arrived, we also welcomed the arrival of our human son, Jack Robert James Cameron, and, along with my daughter, Raven McDonald, these kids have brought so much love into our lives.

Burston only wanted three things for his first Burst Day: to meet Ellen, to watch his Dad compete on Survivor, and to have his birthday party on the starfreighter USCSS Nostromo. Well, we don’t have personal access to Ellen DeGeneres, Jeff Probst, nor a time machine but luckily we do have access to a large amount of imagination powers and crafting skills in order to bring the Nostromo right here to Vancouver Island. The family Burst Day party and cake smash we enjoyed was truly out of this world and we wanted to share these memories with all of you who were so interested in our unique story in 2018!

Happy First Burst Day to not only a perfect organism but also a perfect fit to our little family and Happy 40th Anniversary to the groundbreaking film, Alien!

P.S. We are ALWAYS looking for new babysitters!

Photography: Lila Carter, Venue, Birthday outfit, Birthday board: Bee’s Knees Tees, Cake: Toddy Cakes, Photoshop: Andrea Michelle Adams and Jeffery Adams.

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You are invited to the USCSS Nostromo

Our mixed-species family bursting with joy

Finally one year old

Science officer Jack investigates

Safety in numbers

Face hugs

Father and son

Jack and Jonesy on the lookout


The young crew studies the manuals

Baby momentos are adorable


Nothing more adorable than a baby and his doll

Even xenomorphs need heroes

Happy Burst Day to you

When your dad is a cake artist

My lighter is cooler than yours

Burston’s first Burst Day wish? He’ll never tell

No girlfriends

Cake bursts > cake smashes

Bloody great cake

Nothing like a fresh kill

Synthetic silliness! I always suspected


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