12 Y.O. Autistic Boy Turns Passion Into Career As He Collects $43K to Publish His Miniature Car Photos

Many of us had dabbled in various arts and crafts or had a favorite toy collection as children. Well, this young gentleman takes this phenomenon to a whole new level as Anthony is not only a huge fan of car models, but also an aspiring photographer of miniature photos. The 12-year-old’s hobby and his keen interest in car models led him to launch a Kickstarter where he’s already surpassed the initial goal of $20,000 as the campaign currently has collected $43,467 with 10 days still to go.

“Anthony Schmidt is a 12-year-old boy on the autism spectrum with a passion for collecting and photographing model cars so they look life sized,” the Kickstarter description introduces Anthony. “From an early age, his passion for cars was evident. He began collecting miniatures, seeking ever more realistic models that accurately capture the beautiful details of their real-life counterparts.”

It wasn’t long before Anthony began snapping photos of his toy cars on his mother’s iPhone, carefully casting them in elaborate settings. “These photos quickly became popular on social media, gaining thousands of followers who’ve been inspired by his ability to find a unique outlet for creative expression despite facing significant challenges,” the campaign page explains.

More info: anthonyryanschmidt.com/ | Kickstarter | Instagram | Facebook

Anthony is not only interested in car models, he also loves snapping impressive pictures of them

People liked Anthony’s photos so much, they prompted the boy to open up his own online store where he sells prints of his photographs. He also released a 2020 calendar that you can snag on his page for only $15. But Anthony isn’t stopping there, his next goal is to release a coffee table book. That’s how the Kickstarter campaign was launched and with its tremendous success, it seems like the book is very well on its way to become reality.

Anthony’s parents say that snapping miniature photographs not only broadened the boy’s artistic world, but also opened his social life. “In photography, he’s found a passion that others have been inspired by,” his Facebook page reveals. The boy’s mother explained that the photos allowed him to communicate with people and he tends to start conversations with people by showing his Instagram account, being proud of his passion and work.

You can learn more about Anthony in the video below

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