My 16 Comics That Help Me Deal With Anxiety

I’d always had subtler social anxiety, but when I finally had a full-on panic attack manifest as symptoms similar to a heart attack, it was the tipping point. I realized I had to get it under control.

What’s working for me is various breathing exercises such as pranayama. Meditation. And investigating the real root of the anxious thoughts. Everyone is different though and has to experiment to find what works for them.

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When I knew I had anxiety bad

Trapped in thought

Documenting my experiences with anxiety has been therapeutic. What I love most is finding others who relate and say my comics have helped them feel less alone.

Hypochondriac tendencies

The holidays and social anxiety

I’ve learned through this process that so much of managing anxiety for me is about getting some distance between myself and the worrying thoughts. Observing my thoughts without judgment or desire to change them. It gives me a new perspective on my own thought patterns and sometimes I realize how mechanical my worried mind can be.

The anxiety of school

Cathartic release through art

The physical act of drawing or writing it out is calming, too. Having an outlet to fall back on is like having a good friend around who’s willing to listen to anything.

What anxiety really is

Just once right now

It can seem pointless on the face of it, to do nothing but just write about anxiety. But I think it’s perhaps the best medicine because the last thing anxiety wants you to do is accept things as they are. It’s a relentless itch to act urgently, even if it doesn’t really know what it wants to do.


Multiple personalities


Late night dwelling

The caffeine-anxiety connection

Feeling like a failure

Thoughts of chaos

Little improvements

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