We’ve Spent A Year Making This One-Of-A-Kind Book Of Ornaments To Promote Our National Heritage

We are Maria Postea and Bogdan Gargarita, the two illustrators who own a publishing house called Editura Intaglio.

We decided to make “The Neoromanian Detail – Bucharest” for those of you who are specialized or passionate about architecture, aesthetics, decorative arts and heritage. Whether you are studying architecture, history or visual arts, a specialist in the field or simply an art enthusiast, this collection art book will be a precious reference volume in your library!

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The two editions

Join us in publishing “The Neoromanian Detail – Bucharest”, a bilingual (English-Romanian) ornamental art book.

Book mock-up

Neoromanian house

The Neoromanian style developed between 1886 and 1947, in Romania. This National style has many elements in common with the more popular styles of the 1900s movement (Secession, Art Nouveau, Jugendstil) and has Ottoman and medieval influences.

Photograph and illustration

The Neoromanian architecture is valuable for Arts History, Aesthetics and also politically, as a gesture of recovering the national identity.

Neoromanian house

“The Neoromanian Detail – Bucharest” presents to you the buildings that once were the pride of our city’s urban landscape, and today they are kept hidden by damage, cables and vandalism.

What is unique about this?

A unique aspect of our project is the fact that we illustrated the ornaments and buildings by hand instead of using photographs. This way, we emphasize the artistic value of the book and provide the perfect alternative to a real exhibition.

Photograph and illustration

The illustrations captivate the viewer and intrigue him to explore the cityscape for himself. More so, through the painted illustrations, we eliminate the unaesthetic elements which distract the viewer from the subject.

Neoromanian house

Some of these buildings are in a state of extreme deterioration. Very few are properly restored. This is why we consider our project a necessity.

Illustration and photograph of a Neoromanian decoration

Neoromanian house in Bucharest

Photograph and illustration of a Neoromanian ornament

Deterioration on a Neoromanian building

Through the album “The Neoromanian Detail – Bucharest”, we will be able to draw attention to these lost treasures, to raise awareness of their value and to increase conservation and restoration efforts.


The book will have watercolor illustrations with ornaments of exterior decorations and even entire Neoromanian building facades from Bucharest.

Bogdan Gargarita illustrating a house for the art book “The Neoromanian Detail – Bucharest”

Neoromanian house painted in watercolor by Bogdan Gargarita


The text will be written by an art historian and scientific researcher, Dr. Oana Marinache. “The Neoromanian Detail – Bucharest” will consist of 96 illustrated, colored pages.

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You can purchase “The Neoromanian Detail – Bucharest” on our Kickstarter campaign along with other great rewards for helping us make our project a reality!

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