I Use Toy Cars Instead Of Real Ones To Create These Car Ads

What happens when you have to create an advertising project about cars, but you don’t have a crew and have only toy cars (1:43 scale).

I got a referral from Skoda and a Hungarian car magazine to photograph model cars like they would be real. I accepted the challenge!

I really love these situations! Toy photography is special because I can do everything that is in my mind. There are no limits! If I need snow, I make it. If I need rain, desert, streets or anything I can create them!

I spend hours and hours creating miniature scenes with as many real elements as possible (e.g. smoke and dirt). Most of the photos took me 7 to 12 hours each to complete, but one particular shot took a whopping 10 days for set building, concept work, shooting, and post-production.

While it would be easier to fake things like motion blur using Photoshop, I actually captured it on camera – the blur you see in the backgrounds and in the cars’ wheels wasn’t the result of digital manipulation.

I build real scenery and try to turn my imagination into reality. My main principle is that I don’t use Photoshop for manipulation. I do everything in front of the camera (e.g. motion blur, rain, dust, etc). Of course, there are some cases when I can’t avoid this, but I always indicate which parts contain modifications.

After the Skoda project, I have worked on another one with the Mercedes G-Class model (1:18 scale).

You can watch work videos about the images and the bottom of the article you will find a behind the scenes picture collections. I hope you will enjoy it!

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I did many takes to reach the perfect look for the flying dust

Manipulation: wheel motion, car lamps.
Real: everything else.

I built this scenery for days. I made many test pictures with smoke what was a nightmare. I spent hours and hours to blowing the perfect shaped smoke behind the car

Manipulation: car lamps, air dust, sunspot.
Real: everything else.

Here the motion blur is also real. I built a movable asphalt surface while the car was fixated

Manipulation: cloud texture, car lamps.
Real: everything else.

Action shot in the snow

Manipulation: car lamps.
Real: everything else.

Playing with perspective. This is one single image mixed with real environment

Everything is real in this photo

Driving in a storm. I used water spray for the rainy weather

Manipulation: car lamps.
Real: everything else.

I built movable scenery and fixed the car. So I could move the whole background and the road. It makes the background blurry and the “asphalt” spun the wheels

Manipulation: car lamps.
Real: everything else, the complete motion too.

I used greenscreen for the homogenous background. I changed its color and placed a cloud texture

Manipulation: car lamps, cloud texture.
Real: everything else.

In this image I wanted to create as much dynamic as possible. So I used a dutch camera angle and water splash

Manipulation: car lamps.
Real: everything else, yes every part of the splash as well!

The elegance of the G-Classe

Manipulation: car lamps.
Real: everything else.

Just for fun. A dreamy picture

Manipulation: car lamps.
Real: everything else.

Here you can watch the whole workflow including the scenery building and practical tricks

G-Classe series was a difficult challenge as well. At first, I checked the life-size one to collect some inspiration

Here you can see, how everything is moving except for the car

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  1. Wow! This is seriously insane! The final images are truly spectacular! Can’t even imagine the amount of work that has gone into creating these visual delights. Off to watch those YouTube videos now. 🙂

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