Barbie Released 10 New Dolls To Make Black Girls Feel More Represented

When it comes to toys, every child wants to feel like they matter and that they have role models to look up to. It’s really no surprise that when playing with dolls or action figures, we prefer them to look like us, no matter our race, ethnicity, or background. It helps with immersion. It helps foster a sense of belonging.

In order to make black girls feel more represented, Barbie has created a line of 10 new dolls. And it just so happens to coincide with Black History Month which is celebrated each February in the United States.

Barbie’s parent company Mattel collaborated with talented costume designer Shiona Turini to create a new line of dolls with different skin tones, hairstyles, and even body types. In other words, Barbie dolls just got a whole lot more inclusive.

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Costume designer Shiona Turini partnered up with Barbie to create the new line of dolls

Image credits: shionat

The dolls have different hairstyles, skin tones, and body types

Image credits: shionat

According to the designer, this made her childhood dreams come true

Image credits: shionat

Image credits: shionat

Designer Turini was over the Moon that Barbie approached her for this project. She noted that her “childhood dreams” came true.

“My vision was to style diverse dolls in bold looks with themes seen throughout my work, like contrasting snakeskin and leopard, challenging traditional uniformity. I grew up obsessed with Barbie and while she was one of my first fashion icons, I clearly remember searching shelves for a doll that looked like me and coming up empty-handed,” she wrote on Instagram.

Barbie recently brought back the very first black doll they made for its 40th anniversary

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What most inspired her was the very first black Barbie which was released in 1980. The doll wore a sparkling red dress and had an Afro. Mattel recently brought this doll back for its 40th anniversary.

Mattel has been becoming more and more inclusive over time. Recently, it released a gender-neutral doll, created the Barbie Wellness line, and created Judge Barbie.

Back in 2018, in time for International Women’s Day, Mattel unveiled a line of 17 dolls from diverse backgrounds to celebrate extraordinary women, aka ‘sheroes.’ Among the women that Barbie looks up to are Amelia Earhart and Frida Kahlo.

Some people shared their thoughts about Barbie dolls and inclusivity

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