We Made An Art Installation In 5 Days During The Land Art Festival


The installation called “Atamatik” was made over 5 days in the mountains of Canada, near Montreal in October 2019, during the annual Creations Sur Le Champ Land Art event. Soundtrack provided by Lewis Harding.

Atamatik translates as ‘At the heart of a Tree’ in the Innu-aimun language of Quebec Canada.

The newly-emerged research of plant communication, cognition, Bioacoustics, and Gnosophysiology tests the cognitive abilities of plants, including perception, learning processes, memory, and consciousness and is re-igniting the discourse on plant subjectivity, sentience, and ethical standing. This holds considerable implications for the way we perceive plants as it redefines the traditionally held boundary between animals and plants and other organisms.

During the Land Art Festival, the public was invited to enter and experience a moment of peace and communion with the forest.

More info: twocirclesdesign.co.uk | youtube.com


Concept drawing for the installation

Under construction, Rebecca weaving willow in the forest

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