32 Artists From All Over The World Pay Respect To The Australian Bushfires With Beautiful Art

As bushfires continue ravaging the vast territories of Australia, its devastating effects on the wildlife has inspired numerous artists to express their grief through their art. Illustrations, comics, and even food art are pouring in from all over the world, urging people to help fight the deadly flames and save the local animals.

If you want to help, here’s a list of organizations that you can donate to:

Relief efforts: First Nations GoFundMe Fundraiser, GIVIT, RSPCA New South Wales, Australian Red Cross.

Local fire services: New South Wales Fire Service, SA Country Fire ServiceTasmania Fire ServiceWestern Australia Fire Service.

Animal support: WIRES, World Wildlife Fund, Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

Scroll down below to see the full list of artworks dedicated to the Australian bushfires and vote for the ones you like the most.


ellejart Report

Rita Lamasney 4 days agoAs a mom this one really breaks my heart.

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melanippe_art Report

Peter Dylan 4 days agoomg I just started this thread and im already watery eyed :,(

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sky_garden Report

Kristi S. 4 days agoMy god, it’s heartbreaking…

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cusonlo Report

Lina Bielsten 4 days agoBeautiful. And so important to donate to these organisations who are doing an amazing and brave job!

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bonniepangart Report

Rita Lamasney 4 days agoHow I wish we could have saved them all…

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ellejart Report

Annabelle Fonseca 4 days agoomg that better not be kanga & roo

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the_monkey_brush Report

Diana Eriksson 4 days agoSuch a stunning drawing. Rip Irwin and rip all the animals.

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sarahrot Report

How Terribly Unfortunate 4 days agoSo sad and true.

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antonioilustrando Report

How Terribly Unfortunate 4 days agoStunning art. Really sad that it needed to be made, though.

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sleepydoops Report

MagicalUnicorn 4 days agomy heart breaks for poor animals loosing their homes and lives, firefighters are true heroes!

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theartdary Report

Vickie Trudeau 3 days agoNo where to turn. . .

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jacobs_food_diaries Report

Luna Lovegood 4 days agoFood art! This is really cool actually. (Aside from the fires of course. The art is cool. The fires aren’t cool.)

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sallyandpiper Report

Maryanne Liu 4 days agocries internally

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catandcatcomics Report

Barbara Cochrane 3 days agoNever alone. We’re here. ❤️

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anniko_story Report

That one marvel fan 4 days agoShe is beautiful

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moinazim_graphics Report

*Clears throat* 3 days agoomg noooooooooooooooo

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danilotsouzart Report

How Terribly Unfortunate 4 days agoThat poor, sweet little critter.

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kelogsloops Report

Jonathan Comly 3 days ago“Stay with me, Bro.” “Always.”

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rosanna_spagnuolo Report

Lady Phoenixx 3 days agoPraying does nothing.if you can donate to charities 😍

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yas_caricature Report

MagicalUnicorn 4 days agoi’m at work and i’m crying, damn ninjas cutting onions and those fires…

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xandra.m.stories Report

Rose Thomas 1 day agoIn the midst of it all, the animals seem to know that they can be comforted by the human.

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speto Report

Marlene Ricker 3 days agoAnother very powerful picture. Makes me cry.

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sandrajockus Report

Pani Nimia 3 days agoGreat, moving, minimalist work. It’s perfect for a poster

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guilherme_bandeira Report

Hocus Pocus 3 days agoWe don’t have sloths.

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georangel_makeup Report

Marlene Ricker 3 days agoMother Nature herself is mourning the great loss caused by the fires.

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trescorderos Report

Bridget 4 days agobaby yoda makes it a little less sad

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yvanduque Report

Laura Zucchiatti 4 days agoMistake: Never listen sad music/sad metal when watching these posts 🙁

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sonya_illustration Report

Eniko Bata 4 days ago (edited)That’s my favourite❤️

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Sailev Report


Aamir Khan Report

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