After 8 Amazing Years Of Owning My Guinea Pigs, I Created Tribute Comics For Them

Hey, I’m Nuwbis and I create a webcomic series about my daily life named “NuwComics”. One of my greatest passions is my lovely pets!

I had the opportunity to have two amazing girl guinea pigs be part of my life for more than 8 years!

Sadly, they passed away from old age, in the past year. I had a special series planned about them and their adventures, but when the first one passed I was really devastated and stopped working on it for a long time. Last year, was when the last one passed, but this time I decided to finish the series to honor their life and great personalities!

They were such an important part of my life for so many years! I’m grateful to have been their owner, to take care of them and see them grow as lovely sweet guineas! I hope you love cute animals with quirky personalities because you’re gonna love this series then!

With lots of love,

The Amazing NuwComics Guinea Pig Laws featuring Tifa&Yuffie!

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I present to you Tifa & Yuffie

Pet me

They had such different personalities! Tifa acted more like “I kinda love you human but I’m the boss!” Yuffie was more like “You love me and I love you! Gib Snacks!”


Tifa wanted to eat alone in a hiding spot! Yuffie was spoiled and loved that I hold the food for her! However, they both always wanted to eat what I was preparing for myself, even if they had eaten already.

Hold me

In the end, both enjoyed being next to me. Even when it was playtime outside they would come to play next to me!

Garden time

One thing they both loved was eating grass!

The tunnel

They would share the tunnel but Yuffie always had to convince the other it was a good idea!

Let’s chat

Yuffie was just a big talker all the time!


Yuffie: “Sharing is awesome!”
Tifa: “Sharing is not an option!”

My pillow

Comfy time

Where’s the food?

We can share

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