I Create My Paintings Using Only Minwax Wood Stain And A Dremel

I have painted with just about everything in my career and honestly Wood Stain is my favorite medium. The Dremel adds another dimension creating texture by tearing into the wood. This style has been 4 years in the making and I don’t see me leaving this technique anytime soon.

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“Fort Sewall” 29×26 Wood Stain and a Dremel on Pine

“The Path to Washington St.” 10×12 Wood Stain and Dremel on PIne

Early stages of a painting. I stain the wood a midtone, draw and then begin to carve away with a Dremel.

Painting made with only Wood Stain and a Dremel

Artist Sean Carney creates his paintings on wood panels using only Minwax wood stain and a Dremel.

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Amber Ice 2 years agoI wish I could see more of the process

2 years agoI will try to put together a much better video

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A little fish 2 years agoOh!I like it!Look so beautiful!

2 years agoThank you so much!

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