A Comic About An Unwanted Corgi And A Lonely Kitten Becoming Friends Is Warming People’s Hearts

Never underestimate the power of true friendship. Even if it looks unlikely.

Artist Bobble Jot is a full-time illustrator from Singapore, and she’s had a passion for drawing since she was young. After building her life around the craft she loves, Bobble Jot decided to celebrate the bond she has with her husband by dedicating a comic series to it. Only she put a little twist on it.

“I really love cute animals, and I love how cute corgis look like with their short legs,” she told Bored Panda. “I decided to draw a corgi, and then a munchkin cat with short legs to be its friend. My husband really loves the name Victoria, so we decided to call the corgi Tori for short, while we chose a classic name to describe the cat. The characters are loosely based on us and we draw inspiration from our interactions with each other, and with the people around us.”

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Tori is like a little child: playful, curious and easily excitable. “She is extremely clumsy and can be quite a derp, but she always means well,” Bobble Jot explained. “She’s constantly looking for acceptance and she’s happy that Samuel seems to accept her for who she is.”Samuel, on the other hand, is quite a classy cat. “He’s reserved, prim and proper. He can be a bit snarky at times and a little full of himself, but he’s ultimately extremely overprotective of Tori.”

“Even though these characters are based on my husband and me, I would really like to stress that we want our readers to understand the power of acceptance and friendship, and that these characters will never develop romantic feelings for each other,” Bobble Jot added. “Some of our readers tend to ‘ship’ them, so we just want to highlight how they are really good friends.”

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