3D Interior Design Renderings You Won’t Believe Aren’t Real Photographs

Many say it’s old news, but when I discovered that 75% of Ikea’s catalog is computer-generated imagery, I was dumbstruck. I did sincerely believe that achieving that level of pristine beauty and organized life was possible and there were capable people who actually lived it. At least I’m sure I wasn’t the only one being fooled.

Although, it took me hours to select these eye-opening, photo realistic renderings, the result is an ultimate mind trap and the only proof we need to know that we don’t know anything!

More info: cgtrader.com

Ouverture by Michael Feuerroth

I am the King by Walid Layouni

Industrial Interior by Alex Coman

Kitchen by Kuzmin Vladimir

White Bedroom by Juraj Talcik

Reading Room by Donald Archviz

Industrial Loft by Denis Osmanbegovic

Foo House by Andrea Bertaccini

The Chesterfield Project by Benjamin Brosdau

Interior by Artur Muradyan

Living Room at Night by Viktor Fretyu00e1n

Minimalistic House by Federico Pappalardo

Old WC Juan Siquier

Atmosphere by Juan Delgado

Sunday Morning by Fernando Salcedo

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