Artist Creates A Disturbing Comic Strip About Gingerbread Houses For Anyone Planning To Make Them

Ah, gingerbread. One of those key delicacies that scream “the holidays are coming”. Yep, it ranks way up there with other traditional holiday things like bright colorful Christmas lights decorating Christmas trees, and Christmas pop songs blasting in every supermarket.

It’s all fine and dandy until reality strikes and someone isn’t fast enough to eat the gingerbread on time before it molds. Connor of Drawing Board, a comics creator, took this concept and made it into a short comic strip.

Now, gingerbread men are cutesy as it is, given its traditional context. However, the artist goes the extra mile by adding a layer of pathos by retelling the story from the perspective of the gingerbread man. And then by adding another layer by introducing a somewhat disturbing plot twist. Er… happy reading!

If you happen to know who made this comic strip, let us know in the comments or by contacting the author of this article.

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