We Recreate My Krampus’ Painting For An Alternative To Photoshoots With Santa

It all started with a random idea while on the phone with my best friend. Instead of Clash Dayton’s annual picture with Santa, what if we brought my Krampus painting to life?

There is something special in making art for art’s sake. We kept it free to the public, and anyone was welcome. We all spent more time (and money) on this than we initially thought it would take. It was totally worth it.

Thanks again, Mary, owner of ClashDayton for organizing advertising, and supplying a photographer. Van and Gwen, I know I made two new good friends. Thank you both for taking it to the next level with those custom pants by lady_tactic and vantacticvo thanks for becoming Krampus…and those red contacts.

Thanks to everyone that came out!

Happy Krampus!

More info: Instagram

“Krampus” by me, Robert Walker

The muse for the painting was on board

My best friend and I adding back and shoulders hair😁

His wife made those sick Krampus legs.

Then the final touch

I was so nervous, this was the first time Van tried on the headpiece I created. What if it didn’t fit?

Not everyone liked it

These are some of my favorite photos from the night

Krampus fans came out

This one asked for Krampus’s autograph


Memories were made😂

It was a magical night

This is us

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