Remember The 9-Year-Old Kid Who Kept Getting In Trouble For Doodling In Class? He Just Finished His Work For Another Client

You all probably remember the incredibly talented 9-year-old Joe (aka The Doodle Boy) from England who kept getting in trouble for drawing in class. We all know how he became recognized all over the world after his art school teacher recognized his talent and he was asked to decorate the dining room of the ‘Number 4’ restaurant in Shrewsbury.

Well, we have a wholesome update for you: We have a wholesome update for you: Joe is still drawing, developing his skills, and he’s just finished his latest project on his art school’s wall! It looks absolutely fantastic!

Bored Panda spoke to Joe’s father Greg Whale to get an update about his son’s latest art project. According to Greg, it took Joe around 7 hours to finish his doodles and the drawings will stay at ‘Bloom’ because they’re drawn on the wall.

Be sure to scroll down to see Joe’s fantastic doodles, read the rest of our interview with his dad Greg, and also check out Bored Panda’s previous article about The Doodle Boy here.

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Joe (aka The Doodle Boy) finished his latest art project!

Image credits: Bloom

He spent 7 hours drawing his awesome doodles on his ‘Bloom’ art school’s wall

Image credits: Greg Whale

Joe’s dad Greg confirmed to Bored Panda that his son’s previous art project at the ‘Number 4’ restaurant is all finished.

“Joe has had an amazing response globally and has been met with real positivity, we really like to thank everybody for this, it is very much appreciated,” Greg said. “We have been incredibly busy, Joe has been inundated with requests for commissions and many licensing opportunities and we have now partnered with an agent/manager for him to help to organize the requests.”

Joe’s artistic talents have given him a strong following of fans online

Image credits: Greg Whale

The Doodle Boy is getting more and more commissions every day

Image credits: Greg Whale

“We have always aimed to protect Joe from all of the hype around him as we want Joe to continue to carry out his artwork for the love of it rather than because he’s being asked to,” Joe’s dad explained. “Joe is now at almost 90,000 followers on Instagram which is amazing and again the support has been overwhelming.”

Joe’s father Greg wants his son to keep drawing for his love of art, not for money

Image credits: Bloom

The latest art project is fantastic!

Image credits: Bloom

In a previous interview, Greg told Bored Panda that Joe has ‘always’ loved drawing and “was added to the Gifted register in primary school, aged 4.”

He added: “His identical twin brother Jesse was also added to the register.”

Joe’s artistic talents were recognized when his after-class art school teacher posted his work online. Joe’s doodles were then noticed by staff at the ‘Number 4’ restaurant who commissioned him to draw on their walls. That’s when The Doodle Boy was born.

Joe loves drawing so much that he’s always doodling

Image credits: Bloom

Joe previously decorated the dining room of the ‘Number 4’ restaurant

Image credits: Greg Whale

The drawings took Joe about 12 hours to do

Image credits: The Doodle Boy

The restaurant staff contacted Joe’s family for a commission after they saw the boy’s drawings online

Image credits: The Doodle Boy

Joe’s after-school art class teacher noticed his talents and had posted his doodles online

Image credits: The Doodle Boy

People absolutely love Joe’s doodles

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