People Share The Weird And Scary Ways You Can Arrange Your Bedroom

Have you ever thought about how your bed is placed in your bedroom? At least one side of it is most likely placed against the wall and you usually don’t give it too much thought. One oddly placed bed, however, recently sparked a heated debate about bedroom design on Tumblr.

It all started when someone stated that “if your bed isn’t against at least one wall you’re not valid”. It did not take long for other users to join the discussion and share their own suggestions for bedroom arrangements that ranged from “kinda weird” to “straight-up deranged”.

One oddly placed bed started a heated debate on Tumblr

Some people take room decorating very seriously – for them, everything has to be balanced and arranged according to the principles of feng shui. No object can be misplaced or else the whole balance of the room falls apart. Others, however, like to take a simpler approach when it comes to decorating – they simply drop a mattress in one corner of the room, a clothes chair in the other and call it a day. To each their own, right?

Eventually, the users got a little carried away

Image credits: rosescentimental

Some Imgur users also joined the debate

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