Artist Turns Full-Size VW Beetles Into Perfect Spheres

Just five years back, no one from the international art scene could have told you who is Ichwan Noor. But since then the Indonesian sculptor has made quite a name for himself with his breakthrough sculpture series where he transformed vintage full-size Volkswagen Beetles into perfect spheres and cubes.

The artist works with Beetles that date back to 1953, so to avoid the damage to the cars, Noor carves a spherical polyurethane replica of the vehicle’s body which he then casts in aluminum. A separate spherical interior is then produced to fit the cast exterior. The final result is enhanced with the original car parts provided by the manufacturer.

The interesting bit is that although the cars are completely transformed, the viewers can still immediately tell what they’re looking at: “I see the VW Beetle as one of the most successful designs, one that people will always be familiar with,” Noor explained to NGV.

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Watch it being installed in the gallery:


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