Colorful Paris Storefronts And Their Owners Reveal The True Story Of The City

Instead of looking for the historical landmarks around the city, photographer Sebastian Erras has turned to the incredible variety of the Parisian storefronts to tell the tale of one of the most iconic cities in the world.

Collaborating with Pixartprinting Erras has made his idea into a project called Paris Re-tale, in which he documented the colorful storefronts and their proud owners who aren’t lacking in color themselves.

It’s not the first time Sebastian found a unique perspective to tell his story. Before Paris Re-tale, he was documenting the incredible variety of floor tiles in Paris and Barcelona.

For the full list and the locations of the shops, head over to Pixartprinting.

More info: sebastian erras | pixartprinting (h/t: mymodernmet)

#1 Drew Harré, relaxing at the entrance of his fish and wine restaurant


#2 Julien Houssais welcomes sweet tooth to the luxurious pastry shop he manages


#3 Boris Lumé, standing proudly at the entrance of his picturesque bakery-confectionery


#4 Régis Page welcomes visitors at his musical treasure cave


#5 Bernard Poussin (left) and Diane Junique (right) in front of their two-centuries-old chocolaterie


#6 Dorothée Hoffmann never takes off her apron when she is at her ceramics workshop


#7 Maxime Hubert, at the entrance of the reference jazz music shop in Paris


#8 Nathalie Felber stands in front of the dry cleaner’s created by her great-grandfather


#9 Alexandre Boyer, surrounded by pictures and posters from the history of cinema


#10 Didier Madamour at the entrance of the Melac restaurant


#11 Avijid Gosh welcomes people passionate by art at the hotel he runs


#12 Chef Christophe Duparay in front of his restaurant


#13 Norbert proudly displays the collection of shoes he designs


#14 Vanessa Jacquiot, sales and marketing manager of the boutique hotel that was once Paris’s oldest bakery


#15 Gilles Berthommier and one of his puppets at the door of his workshop


Before Paris Re-tale, the photographer was documenting the incredible variety of floor tiles in Paris and Barcelona.


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