This Bus Stop Was Constantly Vandalized, So A Mystery Interior Designer Gave It A Makeover

This bus stop in Devon, England is crowned as the “coziest bus stop in Britain”, and went through a cinderella-like story to get there.

Located in the small Dartmoor village of Walkhampton, the building frequently suffered from vandalism. It had to be cleaned up again and again, until somebody couldn’t take it anymore and turned the stone structure into a place that feels as cozy as a normal living room.

The unknown interior designer redid the walls, brought in a comfortable chair, even framed some paintings next to the timetable of the bus.

“I don’t know who has done it and I haven’t spoken to anybody who seems to know,” The Rev Preb Nick Shutt, Rector of the West Dartmoor Mission Community and a resident of Walkhampton told The Telegraph. “But it has brought a smile to everyone’s faces. It’s like having our very own Banksy, who likes doing some installation art.”

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People say that this is “the coziest bus stop in Britain”, but it hasn’t always been like this

Image credits: SWNS

In the past, vandals were frequently trashing the place

Image credits: Nick Shutt

Until a mystery guerilla interior designer gave it a makeover

Image credits: SWNS

“It has brought a smile to everyone’s faces,” Rector of the West Dartmoor Mission Community and local resident said

Image credits: SWNS

And it worked! Even the vandals respected the effort and haven’t crashed the place after its transformation

Image credits: SWNS

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