10+ Hilarious Bar And Restaurant Management Fails

Have you ever visited a restaurant that has deep fried baby on the menu? Perhaps you’ve visited a bar where the urinals are so close that two people can’t use them simultaneously without getting awkwardly intimate with each other? Or maybe you’ve somehow found yourself dining in a place named after the Ku Klux Klan. If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then you’re not alone, and here we have a list full of these hilarious bar and restaurant fails that raise one big question – what were the owners thinking…?

(h/t: boredpanda)

#1 My Local Mexican Restaurant Won The Best Italian Restaurant Award

Image source: Zokoro

#2 Took This After Lunch At The Restaurant. At Least The Irony Is Delicious

Image source: sndebrosse

#3 The Sushi Restaurant That I Went To Accidentally Put A Picture Of USB Sushi On Their Menu

Image source: PainOnTap

#4 A Friend Of Mine Called A Restaurant About A Spelling Mistake On Their Sign. And They Changed It

Image source: enis_with_a_p

#5 This Restaurant Uses Semi-Transparent Frosted Glass For Its Bathroom Stalls

Image source: futuremistakes

#6 Smart Salad Bar

Image source: MacaroniShits

#7 This Trash Can At The Bar Is A Box For A Trash Can

Image source: captainkman

#8 They Can’t Be Accused Of False Advertising

Image source: unknown.

#9 These Salt And Pepper Shakers Filled With Salt And Pepper Packets At My Hotel

Image source: ntortellini

#10 Apparently Somebody Accepted This At A Bar. A For Effort

Image source: Thankyouneildgtyson


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