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Government affairs successes take an abundance of time and funding to establish and execute. ASID GPA has an ambitious policy agenda to advance the profession. To achieve our goals we need additional resources devoted specifically to advocacy. ASID has been fighting for practice rights and other positive interior design policy for 50 years and now is the time to double down on eliminating harmful laws and creating constructive ones that will benefit the nation, consumers, industry partners, firms, practitioners, and all ASID members.

ASID has established the Advocate by Design (AxD) Fund, a political education fund (PEF) that helps educate the public and policymakers on the impact of interior design work and the policy issues important to the interior design profession. It is not a PAC and no money will be directed to any individual candidate for office. The AxD Fund enhances the work of ASID GPA and enables ASID to be consistently represented in national, state, and local policy debates and discussions. With your support, we can elevate the interior design profession on the government and public policy stages to new heights.

The national chair of the Advocate by Design Fundraising Committee is Janet Roche, Allied ASID, MDS, CAPS


Address the Unexpected

Despite planning and preparation, helpful and harmful legislation can be introduced out of nowhere and without warning. The AxD Fund will ensure that ASID can mount a defensive or offensive advocacy effort whenever, wherever, and however needed.

Expand the Reach

We can engage more supporters by creating interactive materials, covering member travel costs to government affairs-related events, hosting events, and providing more money for state-level advocacy initiatives.

Change the Narrative

The public and policymakers need to understand the value interior designers bring to the world. ASID can lead that charge through consistent messaging, sponsorship, and physical presence, all of which require substantial time, effort, and funding.

Consistently engaging in advocacy is a resource-intensive, but necessary task. Ensure that interior designers are at the table for the conversations that matter most.

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