Coaching pays off for new managers

Study finds increased engagement and readiness for new roles.

AUGUST 13, 2019 |

Courtesy Pixabay

Those in the engineering and construction industries that undergo a coaching program are more engaged and better able to perform in new management roles, according to a new white paper by FMI.

“Executive Coaching: Driving Real Results for Leaders in the Built Environment” is based on interviews and a quantitative survey conducted with executives who were coached.

The survey found that:

— 91% of participants said that coaching increased their readiness for a new leadership role

— Nearly 88% of participants suggested that coaching increased their overall engagement in their roles

— 87% of respondents said that executive coaching has a high return on investment

— 77% of survey respondents stated that their coaching experience exceeded their expectations

Coaching made a significant impact to leaders in four main areas: serving as a sounding board for thoughts and ideas, a platform for effective leader transitions, a catalyst for engagement, and a driver of commitment and real ROI.

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