What a cruelty-free approach does to luxurious interior design


At present, there are an estimated 540,000 vegans in the UK according to The Vegan Society. With the growing trend for vegan food increasing year on year, attention is now turning to creating cruelty-free homes. Hotels and luxury apartments are opting for animal-friendly products, especially now that the British royals are promoting a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Meghan Markle’s ethical wardrobe has been known to turn heads, and the royal couple are even reportedly painting their baby’s nursery in vegan paint.

Following this trend, one of the latest luxury properties in London is the Marquis House penthouse, part of the new Berkeley St. George development at Sovereign Court. It is on the market for almost £5 million. Occupying the entire sixteenth floor, the interior of this oppulent apartment is adorned with luxurious vegan furnishings, from the wallpaper to the artwork.

Another London-based trendsetter is The Hilton Bankside Hotel, who have gone one step further than merely serving vegan dishes. The hotel has launched a completely ‘Vegan Suite.’

Click on the video to learn more about animal-friendly luxury design.

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