What’s In Your Fall Line Up?

Fashion, décor and TV programming all change with the season. So should your marketing. I’m not suggesting that you should cater to every trend promoted in every home and lifestyle magazine or website (although it’s always good to know who’s influencing your clients’ ideas about design). It’s not your design that needs adjusting. It’s how you promote your services that could use a refresh.

Summer is winding down. We are heading into the fall home buying and redecorating season. Now is the time to start reminding clients that the holidays will be here quicker than they think and to lock in their design project before schedules fill up. They also may not realize how long it will take for that new gourmet appliance or item of custom furniture to arrive. It also wouldn’t hurt to remind them that fall is a busy time for many people with back to work, back to school, events and festivals, and preparations for winter and the holidays. It might be hard for them to squeeze in that DIY project they had planned to get done before Thanksgiving. You can get that done.

Take some time, too, to assess how your business has performed during the first half of the year. If you haven’t been as busy as you’d like, it may be time to rethink your approach or strategy. Demand is high, but many of today’s clients are less interested in paying for design services. They are looking for someone to counsel them in their design choices and to provide knowledgeable guidance about which products and materials to purchase. Retooling your marketing message, your menu of services, and your social media presence may be just the thing to attract new business and end the year on a high note.


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