The Office Redefined: Wix Brings Swings, Cabanas And Mario Bros. Into The Office

A couple people on laptops in a common workspace at Wix

Natural light, glass walls, lots of natural light, and always within blocks of the ocean–these qualities are consistent in every Wix office.STANTEC

Regardless of what continent or country the office may be, “Wix has an open-minded environment and a unique vibe—and it starts with the office design,” says Cohen.

The interior design of every Wix office is characterized by bright colors, clear windows and proximity to the beach. In Miami, the office is located within footsteps of the Lincoln Road pedestrian thoroughfare, not to mention many famous restaurants and nightspots. That being said, the office still feels like a workplace—distant from the chaotic noise and odors of Miami Beach.

Three flower-bedecked swings in the Wix Miami lobby

Yes, these swings are made for sittingLENA KATZ

“Whether in Miami, New York or San Francisco, Wix offices are very visually appealing, like our platform.”

Designed by architecture firm Stantec, the Wix Miami office is an aesthetic treat from the minute the elevator opens into reception. The Wix sign is stenciled over a green wall, so the three letters are actually green moss. Immediately inside reception, three grownup-sized swings, with fake roses intertwined, beckon guests to come and kick their feet up.

The green wall is real moss that needs occasional watering, but the roses on the swings are artificial.

Wix entry sign is a wooden wall with a living wall underneath.

The mossy green backing that colors the Wix logo is actually a living wall–and needs to be watered.STANTEC