Luxury Building In NYC Has A Facade That Counters Air Pollution

Air-purifying technology is a major component of a new high-rise at 570 Broome in New York’s SoHo, which claims to clear pollution as effectively as 500 trees


  • 15 MAY 2018

A new 25-story luxury condo in SoHo would make a mark on the neighborhood in any case, but the high-rise development at 570 Broome is also in the newsfor its promise of a positive impact on the environment. That’s thanks to Pureti, a water-based spray-on solution applied to the building’s exterior. Pureti says its product’s photocatalytic process (meaning how it reacts to light) rids the air of harmful pollutants—and does so at an equivalent rate of planting 500 trees in the same location.

The use of Pureti is in conjunction with Neolith paneling, which resembles large stones. Pureti doesn’t just help with clean air, but also self-cleans the building’s exterior. Architectural Digest reports that the firm in charge of 570 Broome, Builtd, chose to use Neolith without even initially knowing about its partnership with Pureti. “Once we found out it came with this element, we were like, of course,” said Tahir Demircioglu, the principal architect of Builtd.

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