Kissmiklos Decorates Gard’Ann Hungarian Café With Sugar-Sweet Pastels

FIRM Kissmiklos
SQ. FT. 650 SQF

In the small Hungarian city of Kaposvár, design firm Kissmiklosupdated a café that originally belonged to a 1928 chocolate factory. Designer Miklós Kiss drew inspiration from the space’s past for a new identity and interior. The old counter was pastel green, so Kiss extended that hue throughout. Even the ceiling received coats of paint in the color, along with white stripes. For the restroom hallway, Kiss chose paint in candy pink. “The colors bring to mind French cakes, ice cream, and macaroons,” he says.

The café is 650 square feet. Photography by Balint Jaksa.

Velvet-covered chairs pull up to marble-topped tables. The custom wall covering on the rear wall features illustrations of plants and birds. That imagery repeats in boxes, cards, and bags. The branding is intended to help tourists fall in love with the city. Design can have that effect.

Tables haves marble tops. Photography by Balint Jaksa.
Some elements date to the 1920’s. Photography by Balint Jaksa.
A wall covering is custom. Photography by Balint Jaksa.
Kissmiklos chose the name of the cafe, Gard’Ann. Photography by Balint Jaksa.
Pink paint defines the hallway. Photography by Balint Jaksa.

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