A Design-Centric Space That Takes Parenting To The Next Level


The circle of life is without a doubt complicated — it requires time, patience, and even a few classes. So when we heard about Loom, a company committed to creating an approachable, comforting space to learn and connect about pregnancy and reproduction, we had to scope it out. 

Established by co-founders Erica Chidi Cohen and Quinn Lundberg, Loom is a stunning center for female education. Based in Los Angeles, the minimal yet welcoming spot offers classes on everything from nurturing to acupuncture to movement, and seeks to provide education for anyone and everyone who wants to know more. Read ahead to find out the story behind the new space, and how Loom designed for comfort.

How To Create Calm
“It felt important for us to create a space made people feel calm, energized and happy as soon as they walked in the door,” states Cohen when describing the inspiration behind the space. “Our design team was inspired by Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto and wanted to focus on modernism, with a human touch.” 
A Gender-Neutral Palette
Cohen also states that beyond creating tranquility, it was important that Loom’s space felt androgynous. She described the importance of employing a neutral color palette, “that would resonate with women, men and, non-binary individuals.”
Well By Design

Cohen continues, “We all loved the idea that a physical space could promote healing in the human body.” 

The presence of plants and warm colors definitely encourage relaxation and an overall sense of well-being.

Plant Life
Vibrant greens bring the space a feeling of life along with extra color. Of course, when it comes to learning about reproductivity, life is an implied theme. We love how this is brought in with greens. 
Whim and Function
“Brady Cunningham and Katy Burgess of Wall For Apricots designed the space. It was a collaborative process and stemmed from our mutual love of minimalism, whimsy and function,” Cohen states. Each nook and cranny of Loom reflects her description seamlessly. 
Sweet Seating
Loom’s eye-catching stools are designed by Bookniture, a design company that found a way to create ample seating without taking up too much space. These seats can fold and become compact, just like the pages of a book!
Flexible And Functional
Loom’s largest room is the Bell Studio. Here, the designers sought to optimize natural light and make the space comfortable for both adults and babies. Cohen also shared that the space is meant to be flexible, offering various experiences such as an education class on meditation or a movement session.
A Spot For Storage
Plants continue throughout the space, which also offers cubby-like storage and shelving. 
Cozy Class Space
The Frida studio, complete with pink chairs and pregnancy props, “is ideal for cozy and intimate classes,” describes Cohen. 
Coming To Life
Each of Loom’s rooms maximizes natural light, enabling a warm, welcoming space to completely come to life. 
Privacy, Please
The Ruth Room and the Coretta Room are both one-on-one consultation rooms, featuring a blanketed-chair and massage table. 
Letting Yourself Relax
Cohen explains, “We wanted these rooms to have a soothing and cozy feel, which is why each room has a lazy boy — it’s the kind of chair that encourages your body to relax and let’s you let go which we felt would be key to supporting the coaching process.” 
Natural Design
Loom’s skylights bring in a stunning hint of shadow play, which brightens the space throughout the day. 
A Quiet Escape
When describing why it was important to create a soothing, minimalist, and design-forward haven for clients, Cohen said, “The world is super noisy right now and people need quiet spaces to recharge, especially when they are navigating their reproductive health, pregnancy, or the parenting experience. Our hope is that LOOM is providing that.” 


Mission Accomplished
We’d say that Loom accomplished just that. To learn more about the space and company, find information here.
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