The Playboy Mansion Won’t Be Demolished After All

New owner Daren Metropoulos and Los Angeles city council member Paul Koretz signed a protection covenant agreeing not to demolish the house

The Playboy Mansion will live on despite the death of its famous owner, Hugh Hefner, according to an agreement recently signed between new owner Metropoulos and the city of Los Angeles. The agreement, referred to as a permanent protection covenant, states that Metropoulos will agree not to demolish the 14,000-square-foot main residence where Hefner threw raucous parties and hosted a bevy of live-in beauties. The covenant even extends to any future owners who take over the house. The agreement also, importantly, allows Metropoulos to restore the home and modernize it in a way that Hefner approved of prior to his September 2017 death.

“I’m extremely passionate about its architecture and look forward to this momentous opportunity to transform one of the finest estates in the country,” Metropoulos said in a statement. “As Mr. Hefner was aware, I plan to meticulously refurbish the property with the highest quality and standards in mind.”

Prior to Hefner’s ownership, the mansion was owned by Arthur Letts Jr., the son of a department store magnate, for whom it was built in 1927. Said Koretz in a statement, “The significance of the property to Los Angeles’s history actually starts with the Letts family and shouldn’t be forgotten.”
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