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Is your bed your favorite spot at home? Many people seem to l-o-v-e their beds, but I’ve never completely felt that way. I get in, it feels fine to be going to sleep, but it’s no great shakes. Then, after we moved, we switched to a king size mattress, so we needed new bedding. We picked out a set from the online brand Brooklinen and everything changed…

Brooklinen bedding

Now I love my bed so much, I actually think about it during the day. And when I climb in, I’ve caught myself whispering, “Bed bed bed bed bed bed bed,” because I’m so happy to be there. I even read more now because I want to get into bed earlier. This duvet cover in Bedford navy stripe (which gets over 500 five-star reviews) has a classic vibe that’s slightly masculine. White duvets also get instantly dirty with little kids (at least with ourkids), so it’s nice to switch things up with some pattern. We’re using it with an all-season down comforter.

Brooklinen’s sheets — we have this white set — are crisp and somehow always cool to the touch. (How do they do that?) And our old pillows were either too thick or too thin; my neck would often feel cramped in the morning. But these down pillows are just right.

Brooklinen bedding

Founded on Kickstarter two years ago by a husband-and-wife team, Brooklinen tries to find the middle ground between plain sheets from big retail stores and expensive luxury European brands. They offer their beautiful, high-quality sheets at a fair price because they sell directly to customers online.

Brooklinen bedding

I honestly can’t say enough good things about Brooklinen’s bedding. (The girls at work keep making fun of me for going on and on 🙂 I’d definitely recommend them and am so happy I’ve discovered them.

Brooklinen bedding

Brooklinen is giving Cup of Jo readers a discount: Get $15 off your first order using the code CUPOFJO2017, through May 31st. (Their bundles, which include pillow cases, a sheet set and a duvet cover, are a great value — 25 percent less than individual pricing.)

What are your secrets to a comfy bed? Please share your tips!

Thank you so much, Brooklinen!

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. Styling by Kate Jordan. This post is sponsored by Brooklinen, which makes linens we really love. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that support Cup of Jo.)

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