This Children’s Shoe Store Was Designed For Restless Kids

Spanish studio Clap designed a vibrant shoe store interior specifically for playful children


  • 14 FEBRUARY 2018

Getting children to sit through a shoe fitting can be a challenge. Clap, a Spanish branding and interior design studio, believes it found the answer to this parenting problem with a concept children’s footwear store, Little Stories. The team used geometry, bright colors and imaginative design to make purchasing shoes a playful occasion rather than a chore.

Lights inside primary-colored tubes descend from the ceiling to draw kids’ eyes to the shoes below. There is also a series of dotted lines in red, yellow and blue for kids to follow as they run throughout the store in search of their favorite pair. Vibrant sunbursts and other patterns make for a playful landscape. Together, these features create a fun, imaginative playground as well as a functional retail space.

“The inspiration for these lines was the idea of freedom, fun and versatility,” Angela Montagud, a designer at Clap, told Dezeen. “Every detail is designed to encourage imagination and play, but at the same time highlight the products on display.”

Little Stories is located in Valencia, Spain.

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