Design Trends In Home Furnishings For 2018 Inspired Functionality That Makes A Statement!

 Bohemian chic. Functional fabrics. Mid-century modern. Bold colors. Geometric and floral prints. Look for these design elements—and more—in furniture and accessories to perk up a humdrum home interior with this year’s design trends. The trends are an eclectic mix of Influences that range from Morocco to the United States in the middle of the 20th century.

“It’s a global technological world, and current interior design takes creative initiative from everywhere,” says Debi Danals, buyer and interior designer at Leopold’s Fine Home Furnishings in Brecksville. “People today don’t want just something ordinary. They prefer inspired designs that meet a need. At Leopold’s, you can see all of the top interior design trends on display in our showroom and be inspired to try something new and on trend,” Danals adds.

Bohemian Chic. Look for very colorful geometric patterns and lots of different textures, all with a Moroccan flair. Expect to see patterns on patterns and multiple patterns on the same fabric. “This look has been out there before but has been updated for 2018,” says Danals.

Mid-Century Modern. With this throwback style, metallic is big, especially brushed brass in chandeliers table lamps and other accessories. “Young millennials love mid-century modern,” says Danals. “They don’t remember it, so it’s new to them.” For persons of a certain age, mid-century modern brings back memories they may want to re-create.

Bold/Strong Colors. The top decorating color is blue—peacock, Navy, gray skies—combined with grays and soft whites. “Blue is everywhere,” says Danals, adding that “the color often is combined with white, cream, grays, taupe.” Other color trends are black and whites (sometimes combined with a splash of apple green), ultra violet, blush, and bright oranges and plums. “All of these colors are trending,” says Danals, “because people desire something that stands out and makes a statement.”

Functionality and Performance. It’s not enough today for sofas, chests, and other furniture and accessories to be just decorative, says Danals, adding that people see function as equally important. “People want savvy statement pieces that do more than one thing,” says Danals, adding that people want upholstery fabrics that hold up well for everyday living but also feel soft. That’s why performance fabrics (such as Crypton and Sunbrella) are growing in popularity, says Danals. “Performance fabrics,” Danals notes, “originally were used for outdoor furniture but now are commonly used in places such as great rooms where both beauty and durability are desired.”

Fabrics. In addition to performance fabrics, trends include floral prints, textures, geometric shapes, velvet and faux fur. “Velvet is now being used casually and not just formally,” says Danals. “People are embracing the soft feel of the its thick, short pile.”

Case Goods. These furniture items are anything but bland this year. Look for multiple colors and textures in the same piece, such as a painted back and a textured-wood front; a combination of marble, stone, metal, acrylic and wood; the use of antique mirrors for front panels; and drawer pulls made from agate, acrylic and shaped wood.

Details. “Strong design details are making a big impact on home furnishings,” says Danals. She gives as examples nailhead trim used over fabric tapes with spacing between the nails, unique arm styles (such as Greek key arms on chairs), tufting on upholstery backs and seats, fabric banding, and mitered corners on pillows.

Now that you know what to look for, you’re ready to make your unique design statement for 2018.

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