Britney Spears Is Now A Photographer And We Are Ready For Her First Exhibit

We all know Britney Spears can sing, dance, and act (shoutout to Crossroads, the best film of 2002). But did you also know that she is also a great photographer? Because she is.

Spears tweeted proof of it earlier this week, telling her fans that she just enjoyed a great day behind the camera lens and posting the beautiful piece of coastal art below.

Britney previously rocked the art world last October when she tweeted a video of her painting a beautiful landscape of pink and purple flowers while listening to Mozart in a push-up bra (da Vinci could never).

She donated that work to an auction benefiting Vegas Cares, which is building a memorial for the victims of the Las Vegas massacre, where it was snapped up for $10,000 by Robin Leach. We see a lot of private collections here at ELLE Decor, but Leach really reached a new level here.

Britney’s son is also a wee art protege, and his proud mommy tweeted out his Dragon Ball Z sketches earlier this month.

Britney told Australia’s 2DayFM Dan & Maz Show in 2015, according to Hello Giggles, that she has an art room — “and I just paint on the walls and do all this kind of crazy stuff” — so we can hopefully predict further photography and artwork from the family affair.

So, Britney, whenever you are ready to put on that first full exhibit, call us!

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