Smart Bathroom Design Controls Spread Of Hospital Infections

Smart bathroom design can be a big factor in preventing healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs). Check out this infographic from Sloan to learn more.

What does bathroom design have to do with keeping healthcare facility patients healthy?

Many patients in hospitals and other healthcare facilities contract new illnesses from pathogens they contact during their stay. These healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) occur in every type of facility, and their impact can be devastating: On any given day, about one in 25 patients has at least one healthcare-related infection.

In the most recent studies:

  • U.S. hospitals reported 722,000 HAIs
  • 75,000 patients with HAIs died during their hospitalizations
  • HAIs cost hospitals $9.8 billion annually

But HAIs can be prevented—and smart bathroom design can be a big factor in preventing them. Check out this infographic from Sloan on the epidemic of healthcare-acquired infections, and the restroom fixtures designed to limit their impact, both on the well-being of patients and for the bottom line of healthcare facilities.

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