My “Inside Out” Series Paintings Opening Reception

I am so happy to share with you that the “Inside Out” Series opening reception was a huge success! Around 110 people attended the event. I sold a painting, a print, as well as several products with my artwork printed on them. The attendees thought that the concept behind the subject matter was very appropriate and suited the theme of the exhibition. I was asked various questions such as the medium used on the paintings. They were curious to know if the medium used was watercolor or color pencils. They found it interesting that the paintings were done in watercolor pencils. I explained to them that the art was created using watercolor pencils. Watercolor pencils make it so much easier to handle the paint. It makes the user(s) more in control of paint; therefore making it an easier medium than watercolor itself.

Here Is A Quick Summary Of What The Exhibit’s Concept Was About:

“You know the idea of using plants and flowers in a room, bringing the outside in? For years, this concept has been very popular in designing an interior space that would make the occupants feel like they are experiencing being in nature simultaneously. This idea is still in practice and provides for great human experiences.

For the past couple of years, I have been analyzing this concept in a deeper sense of not only the interior space but also looking at the exterior and the correlation between the landscape, outer building structure (architecture), and the inner building structure (the interior). I started looking at some of the popular name architects and their works, seeing at least one common ground. All these famous sites connect the landscape with its architecture and interior design. If the inside space is designed a certain way, it somehow balances with the architecture style or some elements of the landscape design.

“The Landscape. The Exterior. The Interior.” These three areas made me think of the Venn Diagram. If “A” is the landscape and “B” the interior, then “C” includes commonalities of both A & B. In other words, area “C” brings areas “A” & “B” together.


The conclusion I came up with is that all the parts and pieces of an area where a building lands on need to be balanced and have harmony as a whole and no single part stands alone by itself.”

Here are the images of each of the paintings in these series:









Here Are Some Pictures Taken At The Opening Reception:




For More Information And More Pictures Of This Event, Click Here!


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