Heller designs a flexible office which can be both cellular and open space

creative studio heller based in stuttgart and shanghai designed an office which encourages the employees to like going to work. the office’s flexible setting lets them arrange the interior layout as they wish.


the flexible setting lets the team members arrange the interior layout as they wish

the office — which is called ‘firestarter’ — was designed to create occasional encounters between the team members. lounges, coffee areas, video- and small meeting rooms are always close and accessible.

acoustic panels and the sliding doors

‘we want to overcome the white high-end offices where employers are afraid to speak up,’ explains heller team.‘easy materials, playful colors and a zero hierarchy floorplan gives the team the power back.’

the jungle – inside and outside freshness

easy-to-use mobile space dividers allow the team to set both cellular or open space office without much effort.while having separate rooms for concentrated work, the space still can maintain the visual connection. 

the ‘jungle room’ for better video conferences

conference space

detail of the jungle

small thinking areas

kitchen with a bar


video by hellerdesignstudio


team meeting area

entrance zone

the coffee area in the center of space

the furniture for personal belongings

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edited by: maria erman | designboom

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