Heaven Bound Painting: The Process, The Result And The Opening Reception


As you may have already seen the invitation, I had an open house for a painting I  did for a client/friend! This project was originally planned to be painted as a mural for the Mill’s residence, but instead, it’s a large (mural size) painting done on 3 24″x96″ canvas boards! There was chocolate, cheese, and wine served at the event along with chances for winning 2 gift cards!

I had a blast working on this painting. In case you are wondering how I started on this piece, I, first, painted the three panels solid black. Then, I drew an outline for the cranes. I worked on painting the cranes and the bush-like background simultaneously! I used a plastic fork to add the bushes and it created a really nice texture on the canvas panels. The featured image shows my grandpa who is looking at the details of the painting. He is a delight to speak with and always has a positive outlook on life and its details 🙂

The items below shows some pictures of the process as well as the reception:


To See More Pictures Of The Reception, Click Here! 

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