ASID Team: IIDA’s Fashion Show 2018: Modern Masters

ASID Indiana team is happy to be a part of IIDA’s Fashion Show this year! I am so delighted to be a part of this team. Our rep is Daltile and Chris has been a wonderful rep for us! The theme that is given to the our group is Pierre Auguste Renoir! He is known for his broken brushstrokes and optical sensation of light effects. The cubism style can also be seen in his work. Many of his paintings portray women wearing unique hats and/or holding umbrellas! French Ultramarine and Cobalt Blue is seen in many of his work! There is a nice gradation in his art and our team is going to portray that in the design of the garment.

The variety of tile provided by Daltile is amazing! We couldn’t have ask for a better company to be paired up with!  




I am excited to share with you the awesome process of making this fabulous garment in future posts! Stay tuned!

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