How to use social media for interior design success

Social media is probably the best tool any small business can use for success.

The sheer ability to attract new customers, promote your business and engage with the clients you already have is staggering. Lately, small startups have been using social media to market their company, and when you have a new interior design business beginning, social media can be the tool you need for total success.

Most potential clients will turn to social media to find you before they will go anywhere else. If your company has a website but isn’t set up on social media, people won’t bother going further to look for you. Your website should be a strong one, which is clear to use and to the point.

You can use software like to organise your interior design business and social media to market the website that you’ve spent time on. Organisation with social media is important and not all social media sites are equal to each other.

Facebook has a massive influence for businesses, and to be effective when it comes to social media marketing, you need to choose the right site for your business. You need to target the social media sites that are heavily reliant on pictures, such as Pinterest and Instagram in the first instance.

The whole role of an interior designer is someone who transforms a space into what their client wants. They have to do this on time and under budget and using images to show the quality of your work and your own creative flair is of massive importance. People will be hiring you to change the look of their home or a specific room, and if they can see examples of completed projects on social media, they are going to be more inclined to hire you.

The best thing about Instagram is that you can have people relate to you on a personal level. You can interweave your design posts with personal ones and then those who are looking for a designer can feel you are more approachable in your business.

Once you’ve mastered Instagram and Pinterest, you need to turn your creative eye over to YouTube. Believe it or not, you can use YouTube massively as a designer. You can do tours of the rooms you’ve transformed. You can vlog bites about how to choose the right fabric or colour for the size of a room. You can choose to do a tutorial in various areas of design and link your website to each video. A great way to push traffic to your site is to do a tutorial ‘first half’, and then push people toward your ‘second half’ that is on your website.

Boom – traffic.

Social media can be stunning as a way to market your business, as so much of it is budget-friendly for a small business and is ready to go for anyone at any time of day. You could pull clients at midnight if you have the right marketing strategy.

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