Parkhotel Laurin, Bolzano was, when it opened in 1910, directly considered one of Europe’s most modern Grand Hotels. It was built in 1909 for the Staffler family who are still the present-day owners. When the festive opening took place on 15th August 1910 after a construction period of one and a half years it was one of Europe’s most modern hospitality establishments with compressor units, lifts, electric lighting in each room and extensive fire prevention systems.

The hotel immediately became immensely popular, counting members of the Austrian royal family and several German princes among its regular guests. During the First World War it served as a base for the Austro-Hungarian high command. Bolzano was a target for numerous bombing raids during World War Two and the hotel was badly damaged.

Tourism Sector

After the war repair work was quickly started and the hotel was soon able to profit from the boom in the tourism sector. The family invested the income to install washbasins and luxurious bathrooms in the hotel rooms. The hotel reopened in 1948.  The city of Bolzano grew in importance as an industrial and trading town, and the Parkhotel became the abode of choice and a popular meeting place for national and international business people. In the same time South Tyrol became an attractive holiday destination among Germans in the 1960s and ‘70s. Once again the Parkhotel managed to profit from this trend which is now experiencing a further renaissance.

Renovation and Refurbishing

The hotel was completely renovated in the early 1990’s under the guidance of the architects professor Boris Podrecca and dr. Albert Mascotti. In addition to modifying and refurbishing the rooms it was equipped with a modern conference area, the bar and its original murals were restored and the restaurant was redesigned. Since the very beginning Parkhotel Laurin had cultivated a special relationship with the visual arts. In 1911 the art nouveau painter Bruno Goldschmitt embellished the walls of the present-day bar with painting illustrating the legend of King Laurin. The hotel is still privately owned by the Staffler family and is run now by Roland Margesin.

Laurin Restaurant

Special feature is the Laurin Restaurant in the impressive art nouveau salon that is still in its original state. Here head chef Manuel Astuto creates miracle dishes: he is regarded as one of South Tyrol culinary shooting stars.

Parkhotel Laurin is member of the ‘Worldhotels’ association.

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