OBJEKT©International takes you “Inside” Roberto Payer’s house. The relatively small house is build in 1705. It is the middle one of three identical houses with three floors, a basement and a garden with gadern house. The interior is a very personal creation by Payer himself with all the art and things they love included.

“Everyone who is not Dutch and decides to live in Amsterdam, would like to live in such a house. I was lucky to find and buy a 17th century monument in 1992.  It is great. I had to keep this Dutch monument as it was, but I have filled it with an Italian taste.”

Although architecture and design always play a role, for him they are not the primary thing. Architects in general want to show off what they can do, but in most cases their creations are outdated by the time they are finished. Read more in the newly published issue and spread some love by subscribing to our channel.

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